Hello! I'm Elizabeth Tanner- 

I'm a multi-discipline textile artist,

and I'd like to welcome you to

A Tail of Yarn

where I blend locally sourced fibres with sustainably sourced textile waste

to create bespoke characterful batts, rolags and hand spun yarns 

which inspire my crochet, knitwear and spinning kits. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my website,

and if you are in the New Forest area why not visit  

A Tail of Yarn Studio

- one of the Studios at Home Farm, Whiteshoot Hill, Redlynch SP5 2PR

 We are open 10am - 3pm daily.


From Sheep to Shawl..

here are some of the local sheep

whose fleece I wash and spin. 

Meet JC. 

He's a Jacob's Sheep and he's from the flock at Baynhams Brewery in Brockenhurst.