First of all, thank you for investigating this Crafty Dog Craft Kit, because once you start making, you are keeping a traditional craft alive! Crafty Dog Crafting Tips - Whatever project I am working on, my ethos is to enjoy and respect the yarn that I choose to work with, whether it is commercially produced, rescued from a charity shop, unravelled from an old garment, or hand spun, so if you feel that a different hook size or needle size would work better with the yarn of your choice, then feel free to change to get the gauge and texture you like. KNITTING KITSMy kits are not designed with any particular project in mind - in fact I'd like you to be creative and just enjoy knitting ANYTHING! Enjoy knitting with interesting needles, hand spun yarn, textured yarn, hand plied yarn - and if you'd like a bit of a pattern to follow then take a look at my blog FREE STUFF as there are patterns there for a couple of simple squares, plus an asymmetrical triangle shawl and a skinny bias scarf ... keep an eye open for more patterns coming soon. 'But what if I run out of yarn?' I hear you cry!! Please contact me to enquire about skeins of hand spun yarn and hand plied yarn, and if you'd like to try spinning your own yarn then take a look at the Spinning Kits in the shop! I'm also happy to offer online tutorials if required, and watch out for workshops coming in 2021! So – fibre at the ready, here we go, let the creating commence! OVERALL KIT SIZEFelted Crocheted Yarn Bowl Depth: 11cmDiameter: 21cmWeight: 530g FIBRE CONTENT/MATERIALS USED/EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED:see product label in photographs

A Midsummer's Night's Dream KNITTING KIT