A confection of creamy yellowy chocolatey handspun yarn, this open-work lacy knitted shawl is a kite-shaped Spotted Dog exclusive MANTA RAY shawl, inspired by a delicious Banana French Toast served up one autumn morning by the lovely chefs at our local Boston Tea Party. 

The two hand felted wool balls on the head and the tail give weight and draw the eye to the back of the shawl, whilst the two balls on the wings can be twisted together to tie the shawl at the front to wear the shawl in a traditional Fairytale style.  For more 'Ways to Wear your Manta', check out our Crafty Dog Free Stuff Blog!

Banana French Toast Knitted MANTA RAY SHAWL

  • MEASUREMENTS for the Banana French Toast MANTA RAY SHAWL £40

    Head to tail excluding felt balls: 84cm

    Wingspan excluding felt balls: 90cm

    Total Weight including any felt balls: 138g


    Hand knitted from hand spun locally sourced Jacobs Sheep, Blue Faced Leicester hand dyed with coffee and turmeric, angora.

    Trimmed with four hand felted Jacobs Sheep wool balls.

    Mannequin pictured measures 60cm from neck to hip

    92cm around the shoulders

    86cm around the bust

    • approximately UK size 12.