The yarn for this neckwarmer was hand spun from an evocative blend of russet, gold, grey and blue merino wool and silk laps and tops, on a chilly but festive Salisbury Arts Scene Christmas Arts Event in Salisbury Guildhall Square. 

As the day unfolded into the evening, the Christmas lights reflected on the rainspattered flagstones and the sights and sounds of the market and street cafes seemed to be magically encapsulated in the yarn which became the 'Lights and Lattes' yarn. 

Once knitted into a chunky neckwarmer, it was only natural to edge it with ox-blood coloured sari silk yarn - after all, Ox Row runs along the top side of the Guildhall Square! 

To trim the corners of this triangle shawl, brown Shetland and gold and grey Merino wools were needlefelted into flat tassels. 



Length: 80cm excluding tassels

Width:  46cm  excluding tassel

Weight: 145g


Hand spun commercially dyed Merino and Silk laps and tops from Wingham Wool. 

Ethically sourced hand spun sari silk yarn from Yarn Yarn Co.

Needle felted natural brown Shetland and commercially dyed Merino from Wingham Wool. 



60cm from neck to hip

92cm around the shoulders

86cm around the bust

  • approximately UK size 12.