The yarn for this neckwarmer was hand spun on a variety of drop spindles and spinning sticks over the course of several art and craft markets, whilst demonstrating how spinning has evolved over thousands of years. 


Usually I use just the beautifully speckled brown, black, cream and white Jacobs Sheep wool to demonstrate drop spinning - but sometimes other fibres creep into the mix! 


And that's why there's a little bit of mint green, a flash of pinkish purple and more than a touch of gold and cream...


So when it was all plyed up on Betsey the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, it looked like the contents of a box of chocolates - the mint ones, the Turkish delight and strawberry ones, the orange ones, the coffee ones - some encased in milk chocolate, some in dark and some in white! 


And because there's always a layer or two of white paper encasing the chocolates, I added a fluffy creamy white hand spun fringe to the chocolate box shawl.



Length: 126cm excluding fringe

Width:  70cm  excluding fringe

Weight: 116g


Hand processed - 

natural white Southdown wool from Landford;

natural brown Jacobs Sheep wool from JC at Baynhams Brewery, Brockenhurst; 

natural white Ryeland wool from Sky at Hollyheath Ryelands, Woodfalls

Commercially dyed Merino laps and tops from Wingham Wool



60cm from neck to hip

92cm around the shoulders

86cm around the bust

  • approximately UK size 12.