Sustainably made from a myriad waste Merino wool fibres, this shawl was hand blended and hand spun before being knitted to our exclusive Chubby Manta Ray pattern.

The rustic spun yarn gives a warm, snuggly and chunky feel to the shawl when wrapped closely round the neck, however, the slightly open knit allows the shawl to be opened out and secured around the shoulders - over a shirt or coat - with the felted wool balls. See our Crafty Dog Free Stuff Blog post to discover More Ways to Wear your Manta!


Every Colour Under the Sun CHUBBY MANTA RAY COWL

  • MEASUREMENTS for the Every Colour Under The Sun CHUBBY MANTA RAY COWL £50

    Head to tail excluding felt balls: 82cm

    Wingspan excluding felt balls: 95cm

    Total Weight including felt balls: 165g


    Hand knitted from hand spun sustainable waste Merino Laps and Tops.

    Trimmed with two hand felted locally sourced Jacobs Sheep wool balls with silk fibres.

    Mannequin pictured measures 60cm from neck to hip

    92cm around the shoulders

    86cm around the bust

    • approximately UK size 12.