'..and sold to the lady wearing that interesting scarf!' 

You won't get hot under the collar  whilst this scarf adorns your outfit, auction room or not, as this knitted lacy design features finely hand spun British wool with a lightweight cotton texture. Felted wool balls hold the points of the scarf in place to show off the triangular shape which can be opened out to drape over the shoulder, or wrapped around the neck. 

Ethically sourced ribbons of sari silk waste have been woven through the lace rows.

And the Tale of Yarn about this particular Tail of Yarn?   

Well, the scarf was being knitted in the car on the way to somewhere else when the driver took a detour to the auction room 'just for a look'.....a bid was subsequently left on a dusty and unloved little spinning wheel that came from a house that was being demolished, and she now has a new forever home with THE SPOTTED DOG.

We do like a happy ending!

Lacy Auction Room TRIANGLE SCARF