So many ways to style and wear this scarf!

An absolute must-have item for any wardrobe, this chunky knit scarf is perfect for those sensitive to wool, as the sari silk section can be worn close to the skin if needed.

Ideal for over a shirt or under a jacket, there's even a free pattern for those who would like to try knitting their own! (Click the 'Free Stuff' icon!)

Little Ray of Sunshine SKINNY BIAS KNIT SCARF

  • MEASUREMENTS for the Little Ray of Sunshine SKINNY BIAS KNIT SCARF £28

    Length: 120cm

    Width:  10cm

    Total Weight including Shawl Pin: 115g


    Hand knitted from hand spun locally sourced Jacobs Sheep yarn and ethically sourced vintage spun sari silk yarn.

    The scarf comes with a button handmade by mounted on a shawl pin. .

    Mannequin pictured measures 60cm from neck to hip

    92cm around the shoulders

    86cm around the bust

    • approximately UK size 12.