This unusual 'Manta Ray' shaped shawl is a SPOTTED DOG Original Design!   The distinctive kite shape allows a second point of the shawl to drape over the shoulders whilst the traditional V-point of the shawl covers the lower back. 

All my shawls have names and a personal story behind their creation, however, the 'Mended by Angels' Shawl has a slightly more universal tale...

So in March 2020 I found this glorious skeleton leaf and wanted to make something leaf like and gold dusted, so I got out the vintage mohair yarn that I'd recently been gifted, and added bamboo yarn and cotton and some gold lurex and an odd ball of merino yarn, and got cracking with the massive needles to make a lacy fluffy gold infused Angel Wings Shawl - just the sort of thing to do to take one's mind off the current Coronavirus pandemic....

Well, it turned out that knitting was anything but stress relieving because not only did I drop stitches and mix up the pattern, but I also didn't notice my mistakes, and consequently didn't put the mistakes right!

And by the time I'd added the sari silk tassel, I'd also had to revisit the skeleton leaf idea and weave in some gold thread features to compensate for the uncustomary erratic knitting....

So whilst I don't wish to capitalise on uneasy times, I do think that the 'Mended by Angels' Shawl will be a reminder of the selfless work done by many to get us all through these troubled times...... 

That's why I am donating 50% of the selling price of this shawl to Salisbury Hospice Charity to ensure that those who need to be 'mended by angels' will get the help they need. 

Mended by Angels Knitted MANTA RAY SHAWL

£50.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
  • MEASUREMENTS for the Mended by Angels MANTA RAY SHAWL £50

    Head to tail excluding tassel: 98cm

    Wingspan excluding tassel: 172cm

    Total Weight including tassel: 228g


    Hand knitted from vintage mohair/wool blend, ethically sourced banana yarn, salvaged cotton and cotton/acrylic blend, ethically sourced spun sari silk fibres, salvaged metallic gold thread.

    Trimmed with one tassel made from spun sari silk fibres & other fibres as above.

    Mannequin pictured measures 60cm from neck to hip

    92cm around the shoulders

    86cm around the bust

    • approximately UK size 12.