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Fabulous Felted Flowers

To make this felted flower, I used tapestry wool like these in the photo.

First crochet a flower (you could use my Flower Brooch or Flower Necklace pattern!) then CAREFULLY place it in a bowl with boiling water and a tiny drop of washing up liquid.

Gently stir the flower in the water for about 5 minutes, then, when it’s cool enough to handle, remove it from the water, squeeze out the water then vigorously rub and roll the flower between your palms.

Keep rolling until you feel the texture changing then use your finger and thumb to further felt the flower and pull it into shape.

Dunk the flower in the water again if needed and repeat the rubbing and rolling. You will know it has felted when you can no longer see individual stitches!

Leave the flower to dry - you can crochet another one while you wait!

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