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· I used about 100g of my Very Chunky Hand Spun Yarn (4wpi) and a pair of 10mm knitting needles – 6mm needles should be ok with an Aran weight yarn.

· You will need an extra knitting needle (any size will do!) for casting off, a large-eye darning needle, and a 1 metre length of ribbon to close the neck of the cover.

· I cast on 22 stitches, this cast on row was the width of one side of my hot water bottle. Add extra stitches if needed to fit your bottle – must be an even number!

· ROW 1 – *knit one, slip one purl-wise* to end of the row.

· ROW 2 – *knit one, slip one purl-wise* to end of the row: you should be knitting the slipped stitches from the previous row and slipping the knitted stitches!

· Continue these two rows until the hot water bottle cover is about 5 cm longer than the hot water bottle – add new yarn if needed.

· CAST OFF ROW – keep the tension quite loose - knit one, slip one purl-wise ONTO THE EXTRA NEEDLE, *knit one, slip the first knit stitch over the second knit stitch (cast off/bind off), slip one purl-wise ONTO THE EXTRA NEEDLE* until there are only the slipped stitches on the extra needle remaining.

· Continue to knit and cast off the stitches on the extra needle as normal. Cut the yarn and sew in the end.

· Turn your hot water bottle cover inside out if you prefer the stocking stitch side to be on the outside.

· Thread the ribbon evenly through one row about 5cm from the cast-off edge and your cover is ready for the hot water bottle!

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