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Granny Square Wrist Warmers

I'd planned to use the funky fluffy yarn and the black yarn to make differently patterned granny squares and join them together to make a scarf.

But then it looked like there wouldn't be enough funky fluffy so...I made wrist warmers and ankle warmers instead!

And that's why the wrist warmers look as if they don't quite match - because they don't!

Anyway - here are the instructions, the materials, equipment and approximate sizes for my wrist warmers.

You can use any yarn, any hook -just make the squares big enough to fit your hand, and make the thumb hole where you need it.

Have fun mixing random funky yarns, use two thinner yarns to make a thicker yarn, use cottons and a small hook for beautiful lacy summer sleeve extensions or use a big hook and multiple yarns for squishy arctic mitts!

I used a 4.5mm hook, a scrap ball of rainbow fluffy acrylic yarn, and a ball of 3 strands of black acrylic yarn that I had plied together on my spinning wheel.

As long as the yarns you use are of a similar thickness and crochet up nicely together, you can be as creative as you like!

I used a basic Granny Square pattern (see Basic Granny Square Pattern, 5 April 2020)

Rounds 1 & 2 - fluffy

Rounds 3 & 4 - black

Rounds 5 & 6 - fluffy

Round 7 - black

I then checked the size of the square by wrapping it round my hand.

The edges of the square will be drawn together with the seam, and as crochet doesn't 'give' in the same way as knitting, I wanted the mitt to be snug on my hand to begin with.

Remember to sew in any loose ends at this point!

Next I decided where to place the thumb hole.

I wanted a wrist warmer rather than a fingerless mitt, so I placed my thumb hole nearly at the top of the mitt.

However - they're your mitts, so you choose the thumb placement!

I used the rainbow yarn to double crochet the two edges of the square together.

Remember to match up the stitches by crocheting the tops of the trebles together and then crocheting into the space between.

I tried the mitt on to make sure the thumb hole was in the right place.

I then used double crochet to work along one side of the thumb hole only (you can go back and join on to finish off the other side later, or you can work rounds around the thumb hole to create an actual thumb covering if you like!)

Then I continued crocheting both sides together to the top of the fingers, and sewed in the tail of yarn.

Inside.................... Outside ................... And nearly a matching pair!

Have fun creating your own - and if you like what I do, please leave a review!

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