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Skinny iCord Scarf

The ‘So Long Pom Pom’ scarf is a skinny scarf knitted using a technique called iCord.

iCord knitting creates a tube of knitting similar to French knitting which can be used as an edging, a drawstring .... a scarf or a necklace, depending on the thickness of the yarn and the number of stitches used!

It's a great way of using up scrap yarn, and - as it's rather addictive! - a great way to try out unusual yarns and needles to create smaller items such as hair bands (thread elastic through the centre of the tube) or bracelets (overlap the two ends and cover the join with a funky button, or thread the yarn left over from casting on and off through either end of a bead and pull tight before darning in the ends!)

Sometimes knitted on double pointed needles or a circular needle, here's how you knit an iCord using two normal needles!

For this example I cast on 3 stitches - anything between 3 and maybe 7 stitches will work!

Knit the first row, then, keeping the knitted side facing you, slip the stitches onto the left hand needle.

The yarn will be at the left hand side of the stitches that you will knit next so pull the yarn behind the needles and knit the next row.

Slip the stitches back onto the left hand needle, pull the yarn behind, and knit the next row!

And that's it!

The two ends of the rows will pull together to form the cord - keep knitting till the cord is long enough and cast off.

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