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Flower Earrings

Whilst tidying a box or three recently I found a pair of earring findings, so I decided to make some flower earrings!

I used

2.5 mm crochet hook

Yellow and Pink embroidery silks

pair of hypo allergenic earring findings

darning needle and scissors for finishing.


Using yellow, work 10 double crochet into a magic circle and pull the circle tight (Or - using yellow, chain 4, slip stitch to make a ring and work 10 dc into the ring.)

Close the circle with a slip stitch, cut the threads and darn in the tails.

Using pink, *slip stitch into 1st dc, work 3 trebles into

the same dc, then work 3 trebles into 2nd dc*.

This makes the first petal.

Repeat from * to * into 3rd & 4th dc, 5th & 6th dc etc until there are 5 petals.

Slip stitch to the first petal, cut the thread leaving a long tail to pull through to the back.

Use the long tail to attach the earring hook, and darn in all loose ends - the back should look as neat as the front!

In this photo, the earring on the left shows the back, the earring on the right shows the front...;)

Now make another flower - it doesn't have to match! - and enjoy wearing a little bit of nature every day. :)

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