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Things to make from Crochet Squares

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

If you've purchased a crochet kit with a 4mm or larger crochet hook, and a selection of hand spun and salvaged commercial yarns, then this pattern's for you!

However - for a real challenge, and to follow the path of an 8yr old being taught to crochet doilies in the 1960s, use a really small hook (max 2.5mm!) and some very fine crochet cotton, for a totally different Granny Square experience!

So hopefully you've made a Granny Square!


Errrr...what do you do with it??

Here we go! Ideas for your Grannies!

Join all your squares together for a Great-Granny blanket…or join them end to end to make a scarf….

Join just two squares together along one edge-

And attach a button to make

The Crafty Dog’s Mug Hug.

No need for a button hole as the button pops neatly between the groups of trebles!

Join four squares together to make one larger square -

And add a round of double crochet to neaten the new big square and you have

The Crafty Dog’s Mug Rug

(it’s a doily - like a coaster, but woolly!).

Alternatively, make just one square but keep adding rounds of trebles until the square is the size you need, then add the round of double crochet.

More doily patterns here!

How about some different Granny squares?

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