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Simple Skinny Bias Knit Scarf

I called this skinny scarf a 'Little Ray of Sunshine'

because of the gorgeous golden splash of sari silk yarn right in the middle of the greys and whites of the Jacobs Sheep yarn, but you can choose any colour combination you like, or use up all the random bits of scrap yarn in your bag when you make this really simple Skinny Bias Knit Scarf.

I used this free pattern from Goddess Crochet because it's very simple - you only need to know how to cast on and cast off, and how to increase by knitting first into the front of the stitch and then into the back of the stitch, and how to decrease by knitting two together!

I adapted the pattern and used my own hand spun Jacobs Sheep yarn, a chunky weight yarn, plus some sari silk yarn ethically sourced from, all knitted up on sturdy 15mm needles.

I cast on 15 stitches.

Row 1: Knit the first row.

Row 2: Increase 1 stitch by knitting into the front of the first stitch and then into the back of the stitch. Knit the rest of the row up to the last two stitches, then knit those two stitches together.

(Make sure you still have only 15 stitches!)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the scarf is long enough, then cast off on a knit only row.

I added a shawl pin that I decorated with a

hand made button from

and I have found LOTS of ways to style the


Now it's over to you!

What yarn will you use?

Which needles?

And how will you style your Skinny Bias Knit


And if you don't fancy knitting your own scarf

just yet, check out the scarves and shawls on sale

in my shop :)

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