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Spindle Spun Bracelet

To make a bracelet like the one in your kit, or to make a noseband like the one belonging to Rudolf which is

pictured here, choose your fibres and get spinning!

Don’t worry if your yarn appears lumpy or uneven, this is Rustic Yarn and will look FABULOUS in your bracelet!

Hold the spindle in one hand, unwind about a metre of yarn with the free hand, bring both hands together and grasp the two ends.

Cut the yarn off the spindle.

With the free hand work down the two strands, freeing any knots and release the looped end to make a twisted yarn.

Place the two ends together again, freeing any knots and adding more twist if needed then knot the ends

and sew on a button.

Continue to twist until the bracelet fits your wrist, loop the end over the button, and appreciate your creation!

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