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Spindle Spun Wall Hanging

Now use the rest of the yarn have have spun on your drop spindle to make some FUNKY WALL ART!

Wrap a length of yarn 5 times around a cardboard photo mount and secure on the back with sticky tape. T

These are your warp threads.

Cut two ‘V’ shape notches into both ends of a piece of card the size of a 15cm ruler and wind a length of yarn around the notches.

This is your shuttle!

Tie the end of the yarn on the shuttle to a warp thread, not too close to the top (or bottom) of the frame, and use the shuttle to weave the yarn under and over the warp threads, taking care not to pull too tightly when you get to the end!

These are your weft threads; use the points of the notches to gently push the weft threads together after you weave each row.

When the hanging is done, either cut the warp threads top and bottom and knot them onto a small tree branch or piece of drift wood, or simply place the photo mount on your wall!

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