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Crafty Dog Craft Kit Information

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

First of all, THANK YOU if you've already bought or are thinking of buying a CRAFT KIT or a PROJECT BAG, because once you start making, you are keeping a traditional craft alive!

Each kit and project bag is completely unique and individually created using preloved and locally sourced equipment and materials, designed to be inspirational rather than directional, keep you occupied for a few hours rather than a few months, and above all be fun and affordable!

Each Craft Kit contains either a crochet hook or knitting needles, a pattern to make a basic item and sufficient handspun and randomly selected sustainably sourced yarn to make at least one item, if not more!

Each Project Bag contains two Kits-worth of equipment and materials that compliment the style and size of the hand-crocheted bag.

Basic Drop Spindle Spinning kits come in a draw-string bag and contain a drop spindle, leader yarn, instructions on how to start spinning, a selection of mini-rolags of mixed fibres, and instructions to make a spindle spun bracelet - spinning kits also come in hand-crocheted project baskets.... ;)

I don't include instructions on how to begin to knit or crochet as there is a wealth of tutorials available to watch or download from the internet.

However, if you would like 1:1 crochet, knitting or drop spindle spinning tuition please contact me!

I am usually less busy during the first half hour of a market, festival or fair, and if you bring along the kit’s price tag/business card then the first 20 minutes of tuition is free! (Usual cost is £8 for 20 minutes!)

Whatever project I am working on, my ethos is to enjoy and respect the yarn that I choose to work with, whether it is commercially produced, rescued from a charity shop, unravelled from an old garment, or hand spun, so if you feel that a different hook size or needle size would work better with the yarn of your choice, then feel free to change to get the gauge and texture you like. It’s the same with spinning – if the fibre wants you to spin chunky, then go with the chunky!

Likewise with the patterns - they are there to get you started, and when you feel confident try another pattern, or just design your own!

‘But what if I want to make more and there isn’t enough yarn?’ I hear you cry! No worries!

For more amazing yarn please explore your local yarn shop, or, to be even more sustainable, visit your local charity shop for some very random selections!

And if you’d like more of The Crafty (Spotted) Dog’s Hand Spun Yarn then please get in touch -

I frequently have small amounts of Hand Spun Yarn available on salvaged and recycled wooden items like skittles, and this yarn is ideal for adding unique colour and texture to crochet, knitting, weaving and other craft projects!

Skittles are wrapped with a minimum of 5g of hand spun rustic or art yarn and start at £1 for 5g yarn on a skittle.

· Every additional gramme is 10p, so a 10g Skittle would be £1.50.

NB: Supplies vary, usually only available at markets but contact me if interested!

So – yarn at the ready,

here we go, - let the creating commence!


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