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Crochet Flower Brooch Pattern

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

If you have purchased a crochet kit with a 2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm hook, lots of lovely salvaged embroidery silks and some brooch backs, then this crochet flower pattern is definitely for you!

However, it will work just as well with thicker yarns and a bigger hook, so no excuses - start crocheting now!

Using yellow (or any colour you wish for the centre of the flower!), make a double loop with the yarn

leaving a long tail, draw one loop through and work a slip stitch into this loop, then work 10 half trebles into the loop (‘magic loop’).

Use the long yellow tail to draw the magic loop closed – sew in all ends later.

Use a contrasting colour to close the round with a slip stitch and cut the yellow yarn, taking care not to pull it tight. Darn the end in later.

With contrast colour, now work

2 trebles, 1 double treble into the top of the first half treble, 1 double treble and 2 trebles into the second half treble (one petal).

*Slip stitch into the next half treble, work 2 trebles, 1 double treble then work 1 double treble and 2 trebles into the next half treble *(second petal).

Repeat * to * until there are 5 petals.

Slip stitch into the slip stitch in the first petal, then cut the yarn leaving a long tail, pull the yarn through the last stitch to the front, then thread the yarn to the back of the flower.

Use this yarn to sew a brooch back to the back of the flower and darn in any other loose ends.

Now use the rest of the yarn and brooch backs to make flowers for every season or challenge yourself by finding another flower pattern online!

…But first a Crafty (Spotted) Dog tip… Crochet patterns come with either UK or US terminology. The stitches are the same but the names are different… So to avoid much frustration (because I will guarantee that the pattern you really like and want to make is in US terminology!) here’s a link to a conversion chart! And if conversion is too much, here are some UK flower patterns 😊

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