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Crochet Flower Necklace Pattern

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Here's a variation on the Flower Brooch Pattern - looks STUNNING in the intense colours found in embroidery silks!

Or use chunky yarn and a 10mm crochet hook to create several flowers.

String these onto a 3m length of chain stitches and loop them two or three times round your neck for a skinny infinity scarf!

Using yellow (or any colour you wish for the centre of the flower!), make a double loop with the yarn leaving a long tail, draw one loop through and work a slip stitch into this loop, then work 12 half trebles into the loop (‘magic loop’).

Use the long yellow tail to draw the magic loop closed – sew in all ends later.

Use a contrasting colour to close the round with a slip stitch and cut the yellow yarn, taking care not to pull it tight. Darn the end in later.

With contrast colour, now work 2 trebles, 1 double treble into the top of the first half treble, 1 double treble and 2 trebles into the second half treble (one petal).

*Slip stitch into the next half treble, work 2 trebles, 1 double treble then work 1 double treble and 2 trebles into the next half treble *(second petal).

Repeat * to * until there are 6 petals.

Slip stitch into the slip stitch in the first petal, then cut the yarn leaving a long tail of about 30cm, pull the yarn through the last stitch to the front, then thread the yarn to the back of the flower.

Use this yarn to work 6 chain, pull the yarn through the last chain and sew this end to the back of the nearest petal at the top. Sew in all the loose ends.

With a contrast yarn, work 120 chain (or as long as you wish your necklace to be!), fasten off and thread through the loop on the back of the flower before attaching a necklace fastening to both ends.

No necklace fastenings? Then attach a button to one end and double the other end over to make a 10 chain loop to hold the button – or just knot the necklace around your neck!

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