There must be ...ooohhh...50 Ways to Wear your Manta...

Apologies to Paul Simon, but here's a Guide on how to

use the Shawl Pin, Tassels or Balls to style the kite-shaped ‘Manta Ray’shawl and the blanket-shape Serape …

Buy it for her, it’s a shawl, Paul

Let it hang straight down your back, Jacq

Fairytale Shawl:

Position the Manta Ray spine down your spine, fasten the wings in front.

Wrap it right around your waist, Trace

Try it on and you will see!

Summer Sarong:

Spine down your leg,

Wrap the wings around your waist.

Fold in half like a scarf, Marth

Even bolder on your shoulder like I told yer

Warrior Queen:

Spine down your arm,

fasten the wings

on your shoulder.

Snug and warm around your neck, Bec

In the summer over your tee, Leigh

And set yourself free…..

Cowgirl Cowl:

Fold in half

along the spine,

let the wings cover your chest,

fasten the head and the tail

together at the back of your neck.

There are LOTS more ways to wear your Manta Ray or Serape - keep wrapping and be creative!

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